Crowdfunding is a term coined by combining the words “Crowd” and “Funding”. It is a system to collect funds from people who agree with the idea and want to support it.

Donation- and purchase-based crowdfunding is a mechanism whereby project owners who wish to contribute to sustainability widely introduce their uses, products or services they intend to develop to their supporters and obtain their support for a set period of time.

At the end of the period, when the project is successful, the project owner will send the committed actions/products or provide services to the supporters.

On SustinaSeed, being related to sustainability is mandatory for the project.

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When listing a project on SustinaSeed, a description of matters related to the SDGs is required.
Please tell the story of the project owner’s aspirations.
Once you find a project you would like to support, you can join as a supporter.
Both project submission and participation as a supporter require account registration.
Please click the new registration button on the upper right corner of the top page to join.