Working towards a more sustainable future

Who are we?

At SustainaSeed, we are a woman-lead Japan based crowdfunding platform that focuses on how we can grow bigger and how we can maximize economic profit sustainably.

Nowadays, Sustainable Development Goals (or SDGs) have become more important in our life.

Therefore, we hope to encourage others to nurture and grow sustainable development of their economic activity. As a crowdfunding service, we want to support people who aim to provide positive and sustainable contributions to our world.

What we do

Crowdfunding for sustainable businesses

We provide a crowdfunding
platform for sustainable businesses. This is purchase and donation type.

Advisory of Sustainable Business Strategy

In these days, ESG is one of the biggest target for corporate strategy.  We provide a professional advisory for your organization.

SDGs Jobs

SDGs Jobs is a sustainable focused job post. Now we are open as test site and you can post your JD by free.

SustainaSeed News

Our Team

Yuko Nakahata

Yuko Nakahata

Founder and CEO

Koji Okada

Koji Okada

Co-Founder and COO

Junki Hayashi

Junki Hayashi

Business Development

Destiny Simmons

Destiny Simmons

UI/UX Designer

Arazmuhammet Atayev

Arazmuhammet Atayev

Web / System

Our Partners

Do you want to work with us?

SustainaSeed is looking forward to a more sustainable future, and we know you are too. If you’re a sustainable business, we want to hear more from you.

Fill out our contact form and let’s work together.

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